Thursday, April 25, 2019

Leopards Like Your Ribboned Hat

Leopards like your ribboned hat.
Sun warms the straw and your grassland hair.
The ribbon is blue and moves the way a windy sky moves.
Your hips move the way a leopard moves
across the grassland
under the sky. 

Leopards like your ribboned hat
from a storefront head on a city street.
You saw it and sighed, your eyes the blue of a windy sky.
Now leopards move the way your ribbon moves
the way your hips move
on a city street.

Leopards like your ribboned hat.
They move the way a windy sky moves,
slipping through your grassland hair like windy suns.
They move the way your ribbon moves.
The way your hips move.
Leopards move.

for this.



  1. I love the way your mind moves

  2. I just read it over and over and enjoy it more each time.

  3. Ohhh! I love leopards. And this most gorgeous of poems with its shifting images.

  4. So many wonderful lines but "slipping through your grassland hair like windy suns" is glorious!!

  5. Your poem has a wonderful rhythm to it, Shay, that makes me want to dance – in fact I’m moving around in my seat! I love the description of the blue ribbon moving ‘the way a windy sky moves’. Leopards and a ribboned hat have made my morning.

  6. Very seductively done, your repetitions beating the rhythm deep inside your words..

  7. This is so well-conceived, Shay. It is a poem I might wait a lifetime to read and be completely satisfied when I did. The interplay of images, so like the interplay of coloured strands is perfection.

  8. I wish that I had written this.

  9. The way leopards move......your poem undulated through my mind in the same way.

  10. I read this several times, and it keeps getting better. The rhythm is dancing.

  11. all of it, but the title and first line just grab me. I read it as a simile, and the static and yet movement is so striking ~


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