Saturday, August 31, 2019


image by Svetlana Belyaeva
Stop showboating.
You, who lived in the walls,
now live in the air.
You, who lived in my heart
now live in the margins of grander stuff.

There are windows.
(You don't care about windows.)
There are borderless nights, and sounds I did not know I could make.
(You don't care about that, either.)

Everything's a brag with you,
while down here it's all cement and stones, glass and goulash.
Shut up for once, I said on that first night, smiling,
when you were sweaty and happy and talking rot.

Now when I say it, I do not smile.
I whisper
and curse you,
every ethereal blameless bit.

for Sunday Muse #71.


  1. I know this feeling. Owwwwww! I love every perfect line.

  2. That first stanza is amazing and quite a gut punch of truth. Love the raw and intense feeling in this whole poem Shay. Once again you have said it like no one else can. Truly rock star writing as always. I love it!!!

  3. Oh you still got it! In fact I feel like I'm seeing a new stage

  4. This poem made me feel as if surrounded by ghosts. Braggarts still talking a good game but they're just showing off. Essence without form.

  5. Time--and infuriating behavior--can certainly wilt a smile (and so many other things).

  6. Striking poem and it definitely sticks the landing :)

  7. The person who goes through life without have nailed this poem

  8. Ouch...Perfectly written from beginning to ending...Damn!


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