Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Donald Trump's Ass

 Donald Trump's ass is discovered inside a trash can.
It turns to us and speaks:
"Many people say that I am the greatest asshole they've ever seen."
Donald Trump's ass pauses for effect,
then ejects several golf balls from itself at random.
"I only like white golf balls," Donald Trump's ass explains.
It then adds that Donald Trump's Ass White Golf Balls can be purchased on the Donald Trump's Ass website. 

Thousands line up to kiss Donald Trump's ass. 
They deny that it tastes like shit. 
They line up to buy Donald Trump's Ass Shit Sandwiches
(great with Donald Trump's Ass Bleach Slurpees.)
But where is the GOP?
Shouldn't someone notify them that Donald Trump's ass is here,
discovered inside this trash can? 
The call goes out. Everyone is searching for the GOP,
but finally, in the end (The Donald's own, in fact!),
they are found
like little dung beetles
nine miles up it. 

for Sanaa Rizvi's "Allen Ginsberg & the Beat Generation" prompt at Dverse


  1. My goodness! This is absolutely stellar writing, Shay! I especially like this part; "They line up to buy Donald Trump's Ass Shit Sandwiches (great with Donald Trump's Ass Bleach Slurpees.) But where is the GOP?" Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt 💘💘

  2. Shay, oh hell yay! My “cheeks” hurt from smiling. 🙂✌🏼

  3. I cannot stand the sight of that man and his repugnant ass. And until now it boggles my mind, that some still believe in him and will vote for him again. Thanks for joining in.

  4. As much as I am repulsed by the thought of Donald Trump's Ass, your poem made me grin until my face ached!

  5. Wonderful poem. The madman could actually flaunt his arse in public and the sheeple will line up to kiss it. It's detestable but that's the direction the world's heading towards, sadly.

  6. A great rant on the current beat!!!!!

  7. I actually think I prefer Agent Orange's pale ass to his face and mouth... maybe his ass can win a first term

  8. Someone should read this in Congress to the ass-kissing Extreme [F]Right. This poem made me happier than I have felt in a while. LOVED it.

  9. Reading your poem at almost midnight, is the best part of my entire day. No, my week. Thank you for the smiles.


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